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008 – Jeff Anderson: Survive Anywhere: Prepared, Whenever, Wherever

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DownloadItunesStitcher Today’s Survival Dad episode includes vital information for survival dads. The podcast features an interview with Jeff Anderson, founder and editor-in-chief of Modern Combat Survival Magazine and president of the International Society of Close-Quarter Combatants. Buck and Jeff examine the difference between urban survival and wilderness survival, and they discuss how people—both ordinary and experienced—react when it comes down to surviving. Learn the warning signs and the nature of a survival scenario and what it you can do to be prepared. And join us for a discussion what survival gearis essential and be sure to take advantage of Jeff’s offer to give our listeners a copy of his free Survival Gear Secrets book.


007 – Mike Dillard: Catching that Opportunity: What You Need and Need to Know

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DownloadItunesStitcher In today’s episode of the Survival Dad podcast, Buck speaks with Mike Dillard, a Texan entrepreneur and fellow survival dad. They discuss the importance of becoming self-reliant in terms of financial and other resources needed to make it through a period of recession or natural disaster. Mike talks about the skills needed to start your own business and about how vital it is to learn the “art of selling” to become successful. He explains how the world moves in cycles, and how our current situation seems about to change. You will also learn from Buck and Mike what it means to be a survival dad.


006 – Kevin Thompson: Catching Fish: Setting the Goal and Getting There

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DownloadItunesStitcher On today’s Survival Dad podcast, Buck speaks with Kevin Thompson, a former Alaskan fisherman who is now running a number of successful businesses. Kevin tells us how he spent years trying to figure out what he really wanted in life and what was actually important to him. Join Buck and Kevin in their conversation about the importance of coaching, setting goals, and actively appreciating your professional and personal success. Theydiscuss the value of having a supportive environment and how money—while it can provide financial independence—isn’t everything in life.


005 – Dave Asprey: Biohacking: Engineered Intake to Improve the Human Body

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DownloadItunesStitcher Biohacking might sound like something taken out of a sci-fi movie, but Dave Asprey explains how easy it is to biohack, and how we can benefit from hacking our organism. A former Silicon Valley VP and the author of Bulletproof Diet, Dave is a true entrepreneur, who is devoting a major part of his life to learning how to hack your body and optimize its functions — especially when it comes to our brain. Hear about what makes a great coffee, and learn how a truly amazing coffee can benefit your daily life in more ways than you might think. Dave explains how coffee and other foods and drinks impact your body and digestive system, and he gives valuable advice on controlling your food intake and staying healthy.